Climate change and Winter Sports Survey


Are you a skier, snowboarder or snowmobiler?  Although winter weather finally came to our region in December, our days of winter, carefree fun may be slipping away.  

Ski season in Aspen, Colorado is already a month shorter than it was in the 1940s and snow levels throughout Colorado have receded by 20% to 60%. In November 2021 the traditional start of the ski season in West Yellowstone, Montana had to be cancelled due to a lack of snow.  Organizers canceled the Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Festival for the first time in 32 years

A recent study predicts a 25% snow water equivalent decline by 2050 in Colorado and potentially a little-to-no snow winter by 30 to 60 years from now if CO2 emissions continue at current levels.  

We all need to begin to change our habits and take specific actions to let others know we’re concerned about climate change, including loss of winter sports. Here’s a great article describing actions we can all take now. And if you're interested in joining with others to do something to solve this problem, please drop us a note.

What is your experience of the winter sports season in western Montana? Take our survey and let us know what you see and are experiencing.


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How long have you participated in winter sports in Montana?
Which winter sports do you enjoy? (select all that apply)
Where are your favorite places to recreate?
Have you noticed a decline in the length of the season?
Have you noticed a decline in the quality of the snow?