Since we formed in the summer of 2019 BCAG has hit the ground running! Here are some of our accomplishments in 2020-21 organized by our key goals.

Educate the public on climate science

BCAG organized a team of local scientists and experts to write our 50 page Science Primer noting the vulnerabilities and risks to the Bitterroot. The Primer was released in early 2021 and includes:

  • Overview of Ravalli county resources
  • Climate change projections for our area
  • Projected local impacts to water, land, economy and health systems

In 2021 our authors have written a series of articles for the Ravalli Republic drawing from the Primer.

In 2020-21 presented eight public lectures and webinars on climate science and local impacts

Committed to planning as a Local sponsor of ResilienceMT, climate science exhibits and community forums in 2022.

Provided the BCAG Booth at local events

Initiated an ongoing social media program on Facebook and Instagram, including E-newsletters

Redesigned the BCAG Website to increase clarity and utility


Articles in Ravalli Republic newspaper drawn from our Science Primer, authored by BCAG members

Bi-annual cleanup of trash along Highway 93 by BCAG volunteers to encourage active voluntarism and raise awareness of environmental issues.


Plan for and Mitigate climate change impacts

In July 2021 provided ten (10) portable HEPA filters to mitigate wildfire smoke for vulnerable community members at Burnt Fork Manor in Stevensville

Raised $800 matching money in 2020 for Hamilton’s first electrical vehicle charging station in cooperation with Hamilton City government. Construction is slated to begin in late 2021.

HRC Exec Director Jim Morton receives 10 Winix HEPA filter units from BCAG Treasurer John Schneeberger at Burnt Fork Manor in Stevensville.

Advocate for policy changes at the local, county and state level

Instituted Action Alerts program through email and social media, enabling BCAG members to take action on specific issues.

BCAG Board “Start the Conversation” meetings with elected officials and community groups to introduce BCAG, our goals and what we are advocating for.

BCAG Board members advocate climate change planning and mitigation in the City of Hamilton's "Envision Hamilton" program.

Hosted a UofM graduate student intern in spring 2021 who interviewed Bitterroot community leaders on their attitudes about climate change.



Maintain the efficient and effective administration of BCAG

Merged with Sustainable Living Systems, a 20-year Bitterroot nonprofit, so that now BCAG is a 501(c)(3) public benefit nonprofit

Assigned key administrative functions such as correspondence, banking, bookkeeping, project administration, web design and maintenance, action alerts and social media to specific board members and volunteers

Attained a following of 125 members, 180 on our mailing list and 347 Facebook followers