Action Alerts & Current Campaigns

Action Alerts!

September/October 2021

  • Write to Governor Gianforte and tell him that we need to take climate action seriously here in Montana. Urge him to rejoin the U.S. Climate Alliance and remind him we can't rely on innovation alone. Tell him to implement the Montana Climate Solutions Plan, a thorough and painstakingly developed blueprint developed by Montana experts and scientists.

Current Campaigns

HEPA Filter Donations to Low-Income Seniors in Ravalli County

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Wildfire smoke is damaging to human health, especially to older persons and those with lung disabilities.

To help mitigate this problem BCAG has purchased and is distributing 10 HEPA Air Filtration portable units to low-income seniors with the assistance of District XI Human Resource Council.

You can help us make more units available by contributing to our 2021 campaign!

Climate Resiliency Plan for Ravalli County


BCAG’s team of local scientists and experts in late 2020 completed work on our Science Primer which identifies Ravalli County’s economic, agricultural and forest resources and vulnerabilities as a basis for planning and mitigation.

We now carry forward this work by meeting with local elected officials and advocating for comprehensive planning for climate resiliency.

This work culminates in 2022 with ResilienceMT, a University of Montana project to bring climate science education exhibits and community forums to Hamilton and Corvallis.

We aim by the end of 2022 to have climate resilience included in local government planning and procurement.

Envision Hamilton

BCAG actively supports our members’s participation in the City of Hamilton’s Envision Hamilton project to revise Hamilton’s Comprehensive Plan.

It's always a great idea to reach out to your elected officials about the importance of climate change in state and local decision making. Visit the links below for a list of elected officials and to contact our state legislators through the MT Government Messaging portal:

Elected Officials of Ravalli County

Montana Government Web Messaging List