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BCAG strongly encourages you to take action
on the following climate issue
of importance to our community:

Tell President Biden to declare a climate emergency

A number of groups around the country are urgently gathering signatures to ask/demand President Biden to declare a national Climate Emergency.

Climate Smart Missoula created a petition, and it will be pooled with other groups (Sunrise, Greenpeace USA, etc.).

The petition is here, and all that's needed is to fill in your name, email, and zip to communicate that WE CARE and to DEMAND ACTION!

Please do it today, the deadline is July 29th. Share this with your friends too!

The PSC wants to hobble public intervention. Let them know that's messed up!

This is a big one, folks.

The Montana Public Service Commission (PSC) is supposed to protect Montana energy consumers from price gouging from monopoly utilities such as NorthWestern Energy. Unfortunately, the PSC has proposed a new rule that could prevent our Friends at Montana Environmental Information Center (MEIC) and other organizations and businesses from participating in PSC proceedings in which it decides whether a utility can (over)charge customers for building or maintaining expensive fossil fuel power plants or investing in clean energy resources. This proposed rule would allow the PSC to kick out organizations and clean energy businesses who provide essential information and expert testimony regarding how a utility is unfairly increasing the cost of power to customers.

In other states, the public service commissions can actually cover the cost for some organizations to participate. Utility commissions such as the PSC are often understaffed and rely on other parties and their experts to help create a robust record so the commission can make an informed and well-balanced decision about utility bills.

This rule change would mean our PSC could prevent organizations and clean energy developers from intervening and even remove them from proceedings with little justification. Because public comment does not enter the official record in these types of cases, intervention is the only meaningful way the public can participate in these processes.

We need you to tell the PSC this rule change is bad for the PSC, bad for consumers, and bad for Montana.

In order to comment online, follow these steps:
  • Visit the PSC Comment page
  • Select “Comment on a Proceeding."
  • Complete the form.
  • Item: Rule,
  • Tracking number: 2021.04.053
  • Tracking Name: Notice of Draft Proposal
  • Submit the form.

Mark your calendar for a hearing on August 2. Please share this action item with your friends -- it's crucial to keep your representation in the PSC and protect you as a consumer.

Here's the draft proposal, if you'd like to read it.

Click here to read more about this proposed rule and the reasoning behind it in the Missoulian.

Tell Northwestern Energy that their
“Net-Zero by 2050” plan is Inadequate

In response to recent criticism by BCAG and others, NorthWestern Energy recently released a “net-zero” by 2050” plan. Unfortunately, their plan is out of alignment with the 100% clean electricity commitments of Missoula, Helena, and Bozeman, and it does little to protect MT families from increasing energy costs and climate instability. This plan would contribute to worsening climate change, and make our collective ability to meet the needs of Montana families and children more difficult.

Families for A Livable Climate asks you to sign on to their letter asking NorthWestern Energy’s Board of Directors and leadership to change course and take climate change seriously in their planning. You can read and sign their letter here.

Envision Hamilton

BCAG actively supports our members’s participation in the City of Hamilton’s Envision Hamilton project to revise Hamilton’s Comprehensive Plan.

It's always a great idea to reach out to your elected officials about the importance of climate change in state and local decision making. Visit the links below for a list of elected officials and to contact our state legislators through the MT Government Messaging portal:

Elected Officials of Ravalli County

Montana Government Web Messaging List